15th – 16th March 2024, Vellore Institute of Technology ( VIT ) Chennai

                             (in association with Indian Society of Wind Engineering)

About 10th NCWE

The discipline of Wind Engineering explores various aspects related to wind, including its characteristics, wind energy and wind turbines, its impact on surrounding structures, urban heat island effects, and its influence on building codes. The conference covers a wide range of research topics, including wind loading on structures, wind tunnel testing, adherence to IS codes and standards, computational wind engineering, the application of AI/ML in Wind Engineering, wind energy and wind turbines, field measurements, and bluff body aerodynamics.

About ISWE

The Indian Society of Wind Engineering(ISWE) was founded in 1993 and at present its total membership is 537. The main activities of ISWE is to bring under an  umbrella, academicians, researchers, industry personnel and students towards the cause of wind engineering studies in the country.

 About VIT

The Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) was founded in 1984 by Dr. G.Viswanathan, a former parliamentarian and Minister in the State (Tamil Nadu) Government, as a self- financing academic institution committed to higher education and learning and referred as the Vellore Engineering College. VIT campus in the city of Chennai, referred as VIT Chennai, is a globally engaged, highly competitive, cohesively comprehensive and research-involved academic campus with the prime objective of effectively responding to the major industrial, social, economic and environmental demands and challenges that could arise. The VIT Chennai is capably led by the key administrators, Mr. Sankar Viswanathan (Vice President), Dr. Sekar Viswanathan (Vice President), Dr. G V Selvam (Vice President), Dr. Sandhya Pentareddy (Executive Director), Ms. Kadhambari S. Viswanathan (Asst. Vice President) and Dr. V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran (Vice Chancellor).

For more information, please visit:  http://chennai.vit.ac.in/

About SMEC

School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC) at VIT Chennai was established to impart state-of-the art education, training and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering. SMEC provides undergraduate program (B.Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation and Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Electric Vehicles. The school also offers postgraduate program (M.Tech.) in CAD/CAM and Mechatronics, M.E in Automotive Mechatronics and Ph.D. The school consists of various research groups like Design & Automation, Materials & Manufacturing and Thermal, Energy & Automotive. The school faculty is a team of highly qualified professionals with all of them having Ph.D. degrees from renowned universities. They provide high emphasis for research along with their innovative teaching methods, which helps to involve students in research and project based learning in the school. The research outcomes in the form of publications and patents are the testament to the world class, global standard infrastructure and research laboratory facilities available in the school. The school has ongoing partnerships with many other overseas Universities which help the students to do their Semester Abroad Program (SAP). All the regular programs of the school follow the university curriculum for applied learning. 

About CIPD

The fast pace of technological advances in recent times mandates students to be industry-ready by acquiring broader skills while graduating from the institutes of higher education. In line with the above, the Centre for Innovation and Product Development (CIPD) has been established to act as a forum to enable students to implement their novel, and creative ideas originating from fundamental concepts learned in the classroom and to perpetuate the hands-on knowledge gained in the laboratory into a new product or a novel process. The center aims to develop new hardware and software products that will have a social impact by leveraging exhaustive technology. 

About Aerodynamics Laboratory 

The Aerodynamics Laboratory at VIT Chennai was established in 2018 and has since been actively engaged in academic research and testing of both rigid and flexible structures. The laboratory is well-equipped with an Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, featuring a test section measuring 6m x 1m x 1m, designed for atmospheric flows. Additionally, there is a subsonic wind tunnel measuring 0.3m x 0.3m, specifically tailored for academic studies.

The laboratory conducts precise pressure measurements on rigid models and vibration measurements on aerolastic models. Furthermore, it extends various consultancy services to industries, specializing in Automotive Aerodynamics. Notable clients include Valeo India Pvt Ltd., ST Advanced Composites Pvt Ltd., Virkusha Manufacturing Solutions Pvt Ltd., NeXHS Pvt Ltd., among others.